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S​lapton Volunteer Repeat Prescription Collection Service  - Helping to support non-essential travel

Slapton Community Support Group (CSG) has today launched an online volunteer ‘repeat prescription collection service’ from both Chillington surgery and Dartmouth Medical Practice via Lloyds and Boots Pharmacy in Dartmouth.

The service which is available via email, will support parishioners under 70 to access essential repeat medications which are either pre-paid or NHS exempt from payment. NB The service can also be accessed by parishioners over 70, if their surgery/pharmacy is unable to deliver. By using the service, this will help to minimise unnecessary journeys by parishioners during the coronavirus lock down period

To book your prescription collection simply:

  • Click here to open and print off the request form, complete the form and then scan (or photograph) and send back to, with either PRESCRIPTION COLLECTION - CHILLINGTON or PRESCRIPTION COLLECTION - DARTMOUTH as the Subject Header.
  • All requests will be acknowledged by email (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm) and your prescriptions delivered within 5-10 working days from receipt of your emailed request following government guidelines below*. Unless there’s a problem with the collection, the CSG will not contact you again unless you order another collection and then the same process applies. NB Please note that in order to comply with data guidelines, your order forms are deleted from the CSG system once fulfilled and we do not keep a record of historical orders.
  • The prescription will be left on a doorstep, put through a letter box or left in an advised 'safe place'. Our volunteer will ring the bell or knock (in the same way as the Royal Mail postman/woman) and then will leave immediately as per government guidelines, without any form of receipt of delivery as this further risks contagion.

A couple of important points:

*As specified by the NHS Volunteer guidance on 'How to Deliver Safely’, gel spray will be used as gloves are not recommended. No bags will be opened by the Volunteer for confidentiality reasons so it is the responsibility of the patient to check their prescription on receipt and to contact the surgery if incorrect. Additional (or missing) elements can then be redelivered through the same process as the original prescription, i.e. you should complete and submit another Repeat Prescription Collection form to the CSG.

Our standard turn-around time is between 5-10 working days from receipt of your form and CSG email acknowledgement, e.g. Week 1 (Monday-Friday) - form received and acknowledged by CSG, Week 2 - repeat prescription collected and delivered (Monday-Friday). Wherever possible, we’ll deliver within these timescales.


  • Dartmouth Medical Practice: Dispense via two pharmacies: Lloyds and Boots, Lloyds have an existing delivery service for all customers 18+ who have registered online at you haven’t already made arrangements with either DMP or Lloyds directly then please do contact the CSG to arrange your repeat prescription collection. Boots will take prepayment by phone if you’re not NHS exempt from payment.
  • Chillington Surgery: Dispense on-site and can take pre-payment.

Click here to open and print the prescription request form.

Julie Hinder, Chair, Slapton Parish Council.

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