Your Councillors

Chair Ms Julie Hinder

Vice Chair Mr Jim McPetrie
Parish Clerk Louise Soothill-Ward
Councillor (Village hall and village shop rep.) Mrs Shirley Sullock
Councillor (AONB, Slapton Line Partnership & Coleridge association rep.) Mrs Val Mercer
Councillor (Snow warden and emergency officer) Mr Keith Widger
Mr Ian Mitchelmore
Councillor Mr Gavin Wollacott
Councillor (Village shop and lines magazine rep.) Mr David Murphy
Councillor (Village leaflet distribution & village shop rep.) Mr Colin Staines

Your councillors are always happy to receive queries and comment. Local contact numbers are published in the village notice boards, or please use the Contact page to contact us by email.

Please note that the parish is consulted on planning matters, but decision making lies with the District Council. You can find details of planning applications through the SHDC web site here - South Hams District planning search

New Council 2019 - Councillor Declarations of Interest forms

Cllr Julie Hinder, Cllr Valerie Mercer, Cllr Ian Mitchelmore, Cllr David Murphy, Cllr Colin Staines, Cllr Shirley Sullock,
Cllr Keith Widger, Cllr Gavin Wollacott.

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