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The most recent meeting agenda will be shown here. It is usually published one week prior to the meeting.

Agenda 6 July 2020

Monthly Parish Council Meeting

7.30pm, Monday 6th July 2020 by Zoom Video Conference due to Social Distancing.

If any parishioners wish to attend the meeting/and or speak/present an idea, as this is a remote meeting, please submit your question(s)/papers to the clerk, 48hrs in advance of the meeting so that the Council can consider. email: ,

To attend the Zoom meeting:

  • Click on this meeting link at 7.25pm: , or copy the link into your browser.
  • You will be then placed into a waiting room whilst the Chair arranges access so please do not click out as this will take a few minutes as people join.
  • Access to the meeting will be closed at 7.35pm.

Supporting Documents:


  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Councillors are invited to declare any disclosable interest they may have in any items to be considered. They are also reminded to consider whether in the light of recent activities any items within their Register of Interests should be updated.
  3. PUBLIC COMMENT – Any parishioner is invited to address the Council for up to 3 minutes. This session may last up to 15 minutes and may be extended to 30minutes at the discretion of the Chair. The Public are not required to stay for the rest of the meeting.The following topic has been requested to be discussed: An update on the Village Archive Project.
  4. POLICE REPORT – Devon and Cornwall Police Councillor Advocate Scheme – refer to ongoing Cllr updates.
    • Cllr J. Brazil
      • Update on timings for the re-instatement of DCC and SHDC support services to Parish Councils.
      • Update on the issue of human fouling around the Ley and Bus Shelter as this matter is still an increasing issue and public health risk (CC).
      • Update on the relocation of the War Memorial
    • Cllr R. Foss
      • Update on the issue of human fouling around the Ley and Bus Shelter as this matter is still an increasing issue and public health risk (District).
  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 1 June 2020 - If agreed, to be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record.
    1. Village flooding issues - Ongoing monitoring. Bi-annual drain cleaning arrangements in place to manage.
    2. Submit Passive Traffic Management Grant application for £500 to District Cllr once requirements identified and approved by all agencies and grant availability advised.
    3. Monument relocation to Strete – Pending update from DCC.
    4. Plastic recycling scheme – Pending update on changes in 2020 parish recycling arrangements.
    5. Village Map – Agreed to delay the reprint until summer.
    6. P3 Scheme – Agree to remove once the scheme is joined.
    7. Safeguarding Training by Ben Leach – Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions before proceeding.
    8. Highways Response – No reply to Park and Walk drain ownership / Footpath deterioration between south grounds farm and drains issues outside the FSC. Chased 15-1-20 and 12.2.20. Progress when Highways are operational post pandemic period.
    9. FSC plant/wildlife mowing support meeting – Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions.
    10. Village BT K6 Phone box – Resubmit photos of condition of BT Open Reach phone in Dec 2020 and request repainting.
    11. Slapton Line Magazine – Chairs next editorial copy deadline: Pending progression of the pandemic situation- review next meeting.
  1. PLANNING   1194/20/VAT – Land at Lower Coltscombe, Slaptonm, TQ7 2QU 

Proposal: Removal of condition 28 (to demolish and remove the barn from the site) of planning consent 44/0800/15/F.

1510/20/HHO – Loworthy Barn, Slapton, TQ7 2RB

Proposal: Householder application for erection of carport

1861/20/ARC – Prospect, Prospect Hill, Slapton. TQ7 2PT

Proposal: Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4-6 of listed building consent 0783/20/LBC

1907/20/TCA – Rosehill, Sands Road, Slapton. TQ7 2QN

Proposal: T1: Clerodendron - Fell and remove. Tree is dying.

2660/19/FUL- Land Opposite Kimmarder Slapton TQ7 2QT Decisions (for information only, see SHDC website for more information)

Proposal: Provision of a residential dwelling

Decision: Conditional Approval

0841/20/ARC - Lambs Park Hansell Dartmouth TQ6 0LN

Proposal: Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9 of planning consent

Decision: Discharge of condition Approved

1394/20/AGR – West Farm Loworthy Slapton TQ7 2RB

roposal: Application for prior notification of agricultural development for proposed new barn for use of machinery, equipment, fertiliser and feedstore.

Decision: Ag Determination details not required

    1. Annual Governance Statement 2018/19 and Certificate of Exemption (Part 2).  Chair to approve and sign.  (Due to be returned to PKF LittleJohn by 31/8/20).
    2. Covid-19 – Discuss continued hardship grant support to local foodbanks.
    3. Blue advisory speed sign installation, Sands Road. Update from Cllr D Murphy/ agree key messages, sign(s) design and location(s).
    4. Village maintenance projects and ongoing work briefs / quotes: 
      • Village mowing- Agree dates/brief/Quotes for the next mowing works and if more frequent mowing is required for the playing field over summer.
      • Relocation of dog waste bins: Discuss/ agree quote to relocate x 2 bins as approved by SHDC
      • Jubilee Bench outside the FSC – Discuss if to relocate given the proximity to the hedge and path/pavement repair work, where too and quote to do so.
      • Autumn x 8 Buddle Hole Clearance – Approve the work/ quote.
      • Pavement repairs Sands Road – Discuss/agree the brief for the Road Warden so that able to produce a Risk Assessment/ Quote.  Also discuss the matter of non-reply from Highways re legal ownership and responsibility for repairs and how to manage.
    1. Lengthsman trial:
      • Leaf collection and composting – Discuss if current method is fit for purpose to support the lengthsman trial work / ensure highways are kept clear.
      • Increase in working hours – Clerk to update on early feedback from the trial. Discuss if a temporary increase in hours is required to get on top of the roadsides given the amount of work to do.
    1. Dog bin relocation.  Meeting with Localities officer 16-6-20.  Proposed new dog bin location from Play Park to Townsend Cross.  Supplier quote approval to move the existing dog bins to new locations.
    2. Parishioners correspondence / complaints:
      • Green Banks Road signs – Parishioners request for improved road signage at Greenbanks and Greenbanks Close to reduce delivery driver confusion.
      • Parishioners complaint re increasing anti-social noise disturbance from vehicles being raced in a field north of the village, request for discussion at the next PC meeting to manage this.
      • Multiple complaints regarding the human waste down by the ley and beach. Parishioners have been advised to report on the SHDC ‘Report-it’ site to register the scale of the issue. Discuss escalation of issue.
    1. Re-opening of village facilities - NALC/ BHIB Councils Insurance Covid-19 Risk Assessment guidelines Discuss safety control measures and communication methods/channels to ensure public safety and understanding relating to the re-opening of the playpark, playing field and for the Council relating to physical council meetings and remote working.
    2. Pensions Regulator: All employee monthly payments over £800 trigger an employer/employee pension contribution requirement.  This potentially pose an issue where increased overtime and exam study time is being paid as well as salary.  To discuss changing the clerk’s expenses from quarterly to monthly payments to help spread out the income.
    3. White Close Trust – Correspondence update, next steps.
    1. Model Standing orders – To resolve to adopt the DALC temporary remote meeting addendum to the Parishes standing orders.
    2. Website Privacy Policy template, (WGA2 2.1 compliance requirement Sept 2020. To resolve to adopt the policy for resolution at the next meeting.
    3. Covid-19 – To propose to put in place an ongoing budget authority to pay an amount agreed at each monthly meeting to both Kingsbridge and Dartmouth foodbanks to support community hardship as a result of the impact of the pandemic.
    4. 2021 Internal Audit Booking.  To resolve to book the services of Alison Marshall, at a fee of £100 to undertake the councils 2021 internal audit.

To discuss:  Clerks annual leave request– Monday 13-17th July 2020.

For information only:

    • P3 scheme – Request to register to join the Scheme sent to Ros Davies. 6/6/20.  Ros replied 9-6-20 and advised will issue the P3 Agreement once has access to the County Hall which is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The scheme on hold pending Gvt guidelines on lifting of restrictions.
    • Annual PAT test booked for 13-7-20 for the projector.
    • Dog bins relocation
      • Meeting held with the SHDC Localities Officer on Tues 16 June to discuss a new dog bin in the Green Banks area to prevent dog waste bags being left in the play park.  SHDC propose the play park bin is moved further into the play park against the wall and a new dog waste bin is placed on the triangle of land at Townsend Cross (opposite end to the post box). This will provide a facility for dog walkers on Greenbanks and Brandis Park and also dog walkers heading out of the village to Start/The Ley, as residents on the road to Start have reported an issue with dog bags being thrown into gardens and trees on the boundaries of properties.  SHDC are seeking the necessary budget/collection round permissions.
      • SHDC have provided a dog waste bin post to relocate the dog bin on the verge before the bus stop to the corner of the road to the nurseries.
      • Road Warden briefed on the relocation work and quote provide for the Council to approve. SHDC have approved the work under the road warden scheme.
    • Village Mowing:  Mowing and Maintenance works were undertaken on 8th and 9th June. The Contractor has suggested more regular mowing of the playing field to ensure it is usable over summer. (Refer matters for discussion)
    • Lengthsmans Trial – All equipment has now been received and marked up property of the PC.  The Road Warden undertook the following work: Village road side and drain sweeping / Village highways sign cleaning
    • CSG committee update.
    • Charity scoping meeting update.
    • Response from SHDC re public toilets and fowling around the Ley.
    • Update on progress of the development of the football Pitch.
    1. Approve the following payments:



L. Soothill-Ward, Clerks salary – June 20 (Paid 1/7/20 for noting).



Kingsbridge Area Foodbank Donation – Covid-19 crisis support. (Paid 2/6/20 for noting).



Dartmouth Foodbank Donation – Covid-19 crisis support. (Paid 2/6/20 for noting).



VC Warehouse - CSG tel help line monthly connection cost. Paid 15/6/20 by D. Debit - (Paid for noting S137 code).



Clerks Expenses May and June 2020 (Refer analysis sheet)



Clerks Overtime (April, May and June 2020) Refer analysis sheet



Nick Mathias – Village Mowing 8th June 2020. Invoice 1174/21 dated 14/5/20.



Nick Mathias – Additional Maintenance Works 9th June 2020

(Signs/playing field interior, Carr Lane, Branches. Invoice 1175/20 dated 14/4/20



Nick Walker – Printing of parish wide community archive project launch letters – from CSG S137 Grant



SLCC Compliance briefing training course – Preparing to meet website accessibility guidelines 21st and 23rd July. Clerk attendance

    1. Balance at Bank 25/5/2020, £23,404.70
    2. S137 Covid-19 remaining budget balance at 25/6/20 £1,099.29 (Included in above balance).
    3. Kingsbridge and Dartmouth foodbanks - £50 donation paid to each foodbank on 2/6/20.
    4. 2019/20 Annual Accounting Statement of Account. This has been re-written / signed off by the internal auditor as accurate for signing by the chair. Two financial errors dating back to June 2018 have been identified, documented and corrected (£30 duplicated DALC training payments and £157.91 unclaimed payment). The cash book, annual bank reconciliation and Annual Accounting Statement for 2019/20 now balance.
    5. Village Food Bank - £200 grant donation to date.
    6. NALC have updated Legal Topic Note 87 on Procurement to reflect changes to the procurement threshold. Model standing orders will be updated to reflect these figures in due course and will need to be adopted.

Next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 3 August 2020 at 7.30pm 

by Zoom Video Conference due to Government social distancing restrictions.

Signed: Louise Soothill-Ward               29/6/2020

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