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The most recent meeting agenda will be shown here. It is usually published one week prior to the meeting.

Agenda 3rd August 2020

Monthly Parish Council Meeting

Slapton Village Hall, 7.30pm, Monday 3rd August 2020 by Zoom Video Conference due to Social Distancing.

If any parishioners wish to attend the meeting/and or speak/present an idea, as this is a remote meeting, please submit your question(s)/papers to the clerk, 48hrs in advance of the meeting so that the Council can consider. email:

To attend the Zoom meeting:

  • Click on this meeting link at 7.25pm: , or copy the link into your browser.
  • You will be then placed into a waiting room whilst the Chair arranges access so please do not click out as this will take a few minutes as people join.
  • Access to the meeting will be closed at 7.35pm.

Supporting Documents:


  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Councillors are invited to declare any disclosable interest they may have in any items to be considered. They are also reminded to consider whether in the light of recent activities any items within their Register of Interests should be updated.
  3. PUBLIC COMMENT – Any parishioner is invited to address the Council for up to 3 minutes. This session may last up to 15 minutes and may be extended to 30minutes at the discretion of the Chair. The Public are not required to stay for the rest of the meeting.
  4. POLICE REPORT – Devon and Cornwall Police Councillor Advocate Scheme – refer to ongoing Cllr updates.
    • Cllr J. Brazil
      • The Council wish to discuss the response from A Mangnall re financial impact of pandemic on the Parish Budget / next steps re obtaining re-imbursement from SHDC Gvt Emergency Pandemic Grants.
      • Update on the relocation of the War Memorial
    • Cllr R. Foss
      • Update on the issue of human fouling around the Ley and Bus Shelter as this matter is still an increasing issue and public health risk (District).
  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 1 June 2020 - If agreed, to be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record.
    1. Village flooding issues - Ongoing monitoring. Bi-annual drain cleaning arrangements in place to manage.
    2. Submit Passive Traffic Management Grant application for £500 to District Cllr once requirements identified and approved by all agencies and grant availability advised.
    3. Monument relocation to Strete – Pending update from DCC.
    4. Plastic recycling scheme – Pending update on changes in 2020 parish recycling arrangements.
    5. Village Map – Agreed to delay the reprint until summer.
    6. P3 Scheme – Agree to remove once the scheme is joined.
    7. Safeguarding Training by Ben Leach – Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions before proceeding.
    8. Highways Response – No reply to Park and Walk drain ownership / Footpath deterioration between south grounds farm and drains issues outside the FSC. Chased 15-1-20 and 12.2.20. Progress when Highways are operational post pandemic period.
    9. FSC plant/wildlife mowing support meeting – Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions.
    10. Village BT K6 Phone box – Resubmit photos of condition of BT Open Reach phone in Dec 2020 and request repainting.
    11. Slapton Line Magazine – Chairs next editorial copy deadline: Pending progression of the pandemic situation- review next meeting.

Decisions (for information only, see SHDC website for more information)

1304/20/FUL -The Milking Parlour Poole Farm Slapton Kingsbridge Proposal: Conversion of former milking parlour to residential dwelling

Decision: Conditional Approval

1907/20/TCA - Rosehill, Sands Road, Slapton, TQ7 2QN

Proposal: T1: Clerodendron - Fell and remove. Tree is dying.

Decision: No Objection

    1. Covid-19 – Discuss continued hardship grant support to local foodbanks.
    2. Council Meetings – Guidance still in place to remain remote for safety.  Discuss future meeting methodology once Hybrid meetings permitted and implications for Cllrs/Clerk/Public eg safety, technology PLUS effectively working together as a Council.
    3. Blue advisory speed sign installation, Sands Road. Update from Cllr G Wollacott and Cllr D Murphy/ agree locations, numbers and costs for resolution.
    4. Purple Crocus donation from Dartmouth rotary club as part of their Anti-Polio campaign – Response to club/agree locations / planting resources.
    5. Village Playing field: Photos have been provided of the cut field to help promote the area in the village. Agree how best to promote its use.
    6. Village maintenance projects and ongoing work briefs / quotes: 
    • Reported Broken Gutters on the bus shelter – Discuss/agree supplier quote.
    • Park and Walk – final laying of the scrapings- Agree Autumn dates / quote.
    • Relocation of dog waste bins: Discuss all feedback from parishioners, agree responses and actions to take forward.
    • Jubilee Bench outside the FSC – Discuss if current location passes a covid-19 risk assessment given proximity to the path.
    1. Pavement repairs Sands Road – No reply from Highways to clerks request to attend a socially distanced risk assessment so the brief cannot be discussed/agreed/quote prepared.  Discuss/ agree how this matter can be escalated as will become urgent in autumn when the paths revert to mud.
    2. Lengthsman trial:
      • Leaf collection and composting – Cllr D Murphy to provide feedback from parishioner / discuss and agree process for future collections.
    1. Parishioners correspondence / complaints:
      • Dog Bins – Parishioners request for re-instatement of additional dog bin on Sands Road outside the FSC. Update from the SHDC localities officer via the clerk.
    1. Website accessibility deadline – Debrief from the clerk on the SLCC briefing course. Discuss the impact and urgent actions necessary to meet compliance requirements by 20-9-20 and a forward plan to make the website accessible. Approve supplier quote of £180 to analyse site, produce accessibility statement and make essential fixes where possible for 20-9-20 deadline.
    1. Blue advisory speed sign installation, Sands Road. Approve from resolution to install x 8 new blue advisory speed signs on the existing 20mph signs at a total cost of up-to £1000 for kit (Signs/poles/fittings and installation time).

To discuss:

  • Website Accessibility deadline 20/2/20 – Clerk to update the council on the actions required by the PC following the training course attended 22 and 24th July.  Follow up essential SLCC accessible document training for word and PPT and Excel docs has been provisionally booked in August and October to secure a place at a cost of £30+vat for each course x 2 courses.  Requires Councils approval to confirm bookings. To discuss which other Cllrs who produce documents for the PC website need to also attend as this is part of audit from Sept 2020.
  • DCC / Energy Saving Trust Electric Vehicle Charging Points rural locations rollout scheme. Clerk attended 2 hr seminar 23-7-20. By 2032-35 there is Planned Gvt ban of sale of Hybrids, Plug-ins, diesel and petrol cars. Gvt are accelerating the installation of the UK’s electric charging point infrastructure and DCC are looking for 100 parishes to register interest for ‘Fast on street charging points’ (Stand along by road side, or retro fitting into existing street lampposts), both currently being trialled in Exeter under the Street Hubz pilot. This will enable a bid to be prepared to private investors to secure 2020/21 Gvt funding grant of £20M under the ‘On-street Residential Charge Point Scheme (OSRCS).Costs are £500-£2K per fast on street charge point (4-6hrs/7.3KW in phase 1 – increasing to 22KW next generation) with 75% OSRCS GVT grant contributions available up to £6.5K per charge point. Remaining 25% can be funded by private investment companies. DCC are also looking into community share schemes for the 25% to benefit communities although would not benefit from KW upgrades/maintenance. Grant eligibility criteria: Must have homes with no off street parking, street lighting already installed, Public land available and evidence of ownership, National Grid connection, Pipes and Water surveys, technical drawings, land owned by Councils.  Have requested follow up information to update the Council on when received. To discuss methodology to gathering interest and needs across the parish from residents, businesses, 2nd and holiday home owners.
  • Clerks annual leave Sept 14th -25th. Skeleton e-mail cover will be in place for urgent matters.

For information only:

  • Replies to Parishioner correspondence:
    • Anti-Face Covering Posters:  The clerk has received a number of complaints from parishioners regarding the posting of anti-face covering masks and has responded. The clerk has also, on behalf of the Council, sent an email letter on 24/7/20 requesting that the PC’s posters are not removed or covered over with this material due to the PC’s obligations to publish GVT public safety campaigns. An approved Council statement of the PC’s position has been posted on the CSG facebook page.
    • Dog bins – They clerk has replied to a number of complaints re the relocations of the dog bins and advised the situation is being discussed at this meeting and will be monitored
    • Noise Complaint –A complaint has been replied to regarding an exercise class held in the evening at the playing field. The clerk has replied and advised noise disturbance is to be reported to SHDC as outside the PC’s authority.
  • Telegraph Pole No. DP 182 (next to the Bus Shelter) – Loose cable cover reported BT Open Reach 27-7-20. Report ref: WW1HPJOO / 4 hr SLA. Open Reach attended and secured the cover the same day.
  • P3 scheme – Request to register to join the Scheme sent to Ros Davies. 6/6/20.  Ros replied 9-6-20 and advised will issue the P3 Agreement once has access to the County Hall which is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The scheme on hold pending Gvt guidelines on lifting of restrictions.
  • Annual PAT test completed 13-7-20 for the projector.
    • Dog bin relocation.  Still awaiting response from the meeting with the Localities officer 16-6-20 to install a new dog bin location from Play Park to Townsend Cross and reposition the play park bin against the wall in the play park. SHDC are seeking the necessary budget/collection round permissions.
    • Road Warden briefed on the relocation work and quote provide for the Council to approve. SHDC have approved the work under the road warden scheme.
  1. Village Mowing:  6 weekly village Mowing was undertaken on 20th July and the first of the 3 weekly summer mowing of the playing field on 24th June. Photos have been provided of the cut field to help promote the area in the village.
  2. Lengthsmans Trial – 15 re-usable waste sacks have been provided to the lengthsman and marked up property of the PC, pending collection. Future collections will be timed at the end of the last day of the work scheduled on 25th and 26th July.
  3. SLCC legal Update - The Local Government Association (LGA) has drafted the Model Code of Conduct to address one of the recommendations of the Committee on Standards in Public Life (CSPL)’s report of January 2019.  The Model Code is designed to be adopted by both principal authorities and local councils. Code issued to Cllrs23/7/20 to view and reply directly to SLCC with comments.
  • CSG committee update.
  • Charity scoping meeting update.
  • Response from SHDC re public toilets and fouling around the Ley
  • Update on progress of the development of the football Pitch.
  • Response from White Close Trust to £200 grant offer.

 Approve the following payments:



L. Soothill-Ward, Clerks salary – July 20 (Paid 1/8/20 for noting).



VC Warehouse - CSG tel help line monthly connection cost. Paid 15/7/20 by D. Debit - (Paid for noting S137 code).



Isaac Luscombe - Lengthsman work - 14 hrs on 20th and 27th July as per timesheet.   Queens to Prospect Hill road sweeping / weed clearance. (Paid for noting August Agenda).



Kingsbridge Area Foodbank Donation – Covid-19 crisis support. (Paid 7/7/20 for noting).



Dartmouth Foodbank Donation – Covid-19 crisis support. (Paid 7/7/20 for noting).



Clerks Expenses July 2020 (Refer analysis sheet)



Clerks Overtime July 2020 Refer analysis sheet)



Nick Mathias – Village Mowing 20th July 2020. Invoice 1189/21 dated 14/5/20.



Nick Mathias – Additional Mowing Works 13th July 2020

Playing field interior - 3 weekly mowing.  Invoice 1187/20 dated 13/7/20



Nick Mathias – Dog Bin relocation Works 9 July 2020.

Invoice 1182/20 dated 8/7/20. (Paid 13/7 for noting).



BVEC – Projector Annual Pat Test 13-7-20. Invoice no 6479 dated 24/7/20



Nick Mathias – Bus Shelter Gutter repair 28 July 2020. Quote Q1130/21 dated 8/7/20. Refer agenda item 9F.

  1. Balance at Bank 28/7/2020, £21,832.19.
  2. S137 Covid-19 remaining budget balance at 27/7/20 £700.00 (Included in above Bank balance).
    • Kingsbridge and Dartmouth Food Banks Covid-19 hardship grants. £50 donation paid to each foodbank on 7/7/20. £300 in grants paid to date under S137.
  1. 2018/19 Annual Audit Documents. Clerk to return to PKF LittleJohn by 31/8/20 and post on website. In progress due to workloads

Next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 3 August 2020 at 7.30pm 

by Zoom Video Conference due to Government social distancing restrictions.

Signed: Louise Soothill-Ward               28.7.2020

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