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The most recent meeting agenda will be shown here. It is usually published one week prior to the meeting.

Extraordinary Meeting Agenda - Thursday 13th August

Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council Thursday 13th August at 2.30pm by Zoom Video Conference due to Social Distancing. Called by the Chair. Supporting Documents: The following Councillors are summoned to attend: Ms J Hinder (Chair), Mr J. McPetrie, Mrs V. Mercer, Mrs S. Sullock, Mr K. Widger, Mr Gavin Wollacott, Mr C. Staines, Mr D Murphy, Mr I Mitchelmore. Cllr J. Brazil and Cllr R. Foss are invited to attend. The next extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council will be held on, Thursday 14th August by Zoom video conference starting at 2.30pm.

Please copy this link into your browser to access the ZOOM meeting. You will be placed into a waiting room whilst the Chair allows access. Please join 5 mins before start time.

Please note: This is an emergency meeting in response to the un-precedented level of visitors

in the village and parishioner complaints as a result, to discuss with SHDC how to best manage the various matters raised to ensure public health and safety during the pandemic and on the highways.


    2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Councillors are invited to declare any disclosable interest they may have in any items to be considered. They are also reminded to consider whether in the light of recent activities any items within their Register of Interests should be updated.
    3. PUBLIC COMMENT – Not applicable to an extraordinary meeting.
      1. Cllr J. Brazil
      2. Cllr R. Foss
    5. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 3 August 2020. – Not applicable to this meeting
    6. MATTERS IN ABEYANCE – Not applicable to this meeting
    7. PLANNING – Not applicable to this meeting.
      1. Road Signage:
        1. Agree and sign off wording for the blue advisory speed signs on Sands Road at the 20mph posts and Park and Walk Post and agree order process and timings. (Budget resolved at August meeting ref 207-20a)
        2. Given the unprecedented traffic in the village and damage being caused to property, discuss of to bring forward installation of blue advisory signs at all village entrances and if so, the location and wording, budget and timings
      2. Parishioner complaints - Over the weekend the clerk and chair have received numerous written complaints and images from parishioners regarding damaged property, noise disturbance at the FSC, human waste at the beach, rubbish left all around the village and beach car park, campervans parking at the car park overnight. Discuss position with Cllr R Foss and agree a common statement that can be used to reply to complaints, on the PC website and facebook comments should a response be required.
      3. Rubbish – Discuss requirements for Rubbish, Dog Waste and Recycling collections in the village and at the beach in order to formally request support from SHDC.
    9. Traffic Survey – Is it now appropriate to run a traffic survey over the remaining peak period to evidence the levels and types of vehicles. Is this something SHDC can support? If not, who in the village could support?
    10. PROPOSALS FOR RESOLUTION – Not applicable to this meeting.
    11. CLERK’S REPORT –
      1. High level of parishioners complaints - Covered in matters for discussion / parishioner complaints.
      2. Resignation received from lengthman 11/8/20. Discuss feedback on the role, agree recruitment strategy, number of days per month and review hourly rate for resolution at the 7th September PC meeting.
      1. Approve the following payments: No applicable to this meeting.
      2. Balance at Bank 12/8/2020, £20,516.15.

Next Parish Council meeting – Monday 7th September 2020 by Zoom conference

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