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The most recent meeting agenda will be shown here. It is usually published one week prior to the meeting.

Agenda - Extraordinary Meeting - 11 January 2021

The following Councillors are summoned to attend:

Ms J Hinder (Chair), Mr J. McPetrie (Vice Chair, Cllr Mrs S. Sullock, Cllr Mr K. Widger, Cllr Mr Gavin Wollacott, Cllr Mr C. Staines, Cllr Mr D Murphy, Cllr Mr I Mitchelmore.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be the Meeting of the Parish Council meeting held on: Monday 11th January 2021 by Video conference call starting at 7.00pm.


  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Councillors are invited to declare any disclosable interest they may have in any items to be considered. They are also reminded to consider whether in the light of recent activities any items within their Register of Interests should be updated.
  3. PUBLIC COMMENT – Not applicable.
  4. POLICE REPORT – Devon and Cornwall Police Councillor Advocate Scheme – refer to ongoing Cllr updates.
  6. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 4th January 2020 if available and agreed, to be both be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record.
  7. MATTERS IN ABEYANCE – Applicable to Agenda Discussions.
    a. Traffic Speed / Volume Survey. Deferred until spring 2021. Agree dates in Feb 2021.
    b.Submit Passive Traffic Management Grant application for £500 to District Cllr once requirements identified and approved by all agencies and grant availability advised.
    Monument relocation to Strete Gate– Pending update from DCC.
    c. Plastic recycling scheme – Pending update on changes to spring 2021 parish recycling arrangements.
    d.Village Map – Agreed to delay the reprint until spring 2021. Review artwork /stock levels at the Feb 2021 meeting.
    e. £750 All-stars Cricket club grant – Agree to hold as ring-fenced reserves until bank account is open. Target date 31 March 2021.
    f. Notice Boards – Review situation if more are required given volume of official communications.
    g. FSC plant/wildlife mowing support meeting – Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions.
    h.Village BT K6 Phone box – Photo’s re-submitted on 22-10-20 of paint condition to BT who have advised to resubmit in Nov 2021 as the current condition does not qualify.
    i.Slapton Line Magazine – Chairs next editorial copy deadline. Confirm at the January meeting.
  8. PLANNING - None
  • Discuss/ Agree the Councils operational duties and responsibilities for financial year 2021 against DCC/SHDC/PC and parishioner requirements that are within its legal powers and budget plan.
  • Discuss/Agree ongoing community pandemic support for financial year 2021 and working methodology and other required support to the CSG PC sub-committee and Evolve Charity Trustees and parishioner volunteers within both groups to deliver this.
  • Agree Cllrs roles to deliver (a) and (b) above
  • Agree reporting and monitoring methodologies to ensure progression of agreed actions
  • Agree new Agenda items and order.
  • Review and agree amends required to the Standing Orders to deliver all of the above requirements
  • Agree training requirements against DALC 2021 training programme
  • Discuss and agree mid-term PC Business plan to end of the term of the Council and associated resources.

Other business matters:

  • Approval of quote for resolution for Road Wardens Road Work PPE kit at £201.59. (This will be submitted as a grant request under the DCC Road Warden Scheme Q4 applications but needs purchasing immediately).
  • Approval to proceed with DCC Q4 Grant request to repair the Footpath from the campsite to the beach reference quote from Nick Mathias at £2607.50


Next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 1st February 2021 at 7.00pm

by Zoom Video Conference due to Government social distancing restrictions.

Signed: Julie Hinder, Chair 5/1/20

All meeting agenda’s, supporting documents and minutes can be viewed at

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