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The most recent meeting agenda will be shown here. It is usually published one week prior to the meeting.

Agenda - 1 February 2021

The following Councillors are summoned to attend: Ms J Hinder (Chair), Mr J. McPetrie (Vice Chair), Cllr Mrs S. Sullock, Cllr Mr K. Widger, Cllr Mr Gavin Wollacott, Cllr Mr C. Staines, Cllr Mr D Murphy, Cllr Mr I Mitchelmore.

Cllr J. Brazil and Cllr R. Foss, Sue Gorman (Slapton Community Support Group), Kate Payne (Centre Manager FSC) and members of the public are also invited to attend. 



2) DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Councillors are invited to declare any disclosable interest they may have in any items to be considered. They are also reminded to consider whether in the light of recent activities any items within their Register of Interests should be updated. 

3) PUBLIC COMMENT -Slapton Parish Charity Working Group. -Parishioner report on the Sustainable Southhams Group. 

4) POLICE REPORT – Devon and Cornwall Police Councillor Advocate Scheme: Cllr D Murphy. 


Cllr J Brazil: 

  • Slapton Lines Partnership Meeting 25th Jan 2020 – Update at CC level.
  • Update on the relocation of the war memorial.
  • Update the change of recycling arrangements from April 2021.

Cllr R Foss: 

  • Arrangements update for 6 May 2021 Elections. 
  • Update on the SHDC single solution Plan for the Slapton Line Parishes and winter public consultations. 
  • Localities Grant request update:
    • Evolve Village Charity set up support grant - £500 matched funding with PC.
    • £550 matched funding grant requests to help with the Purchase of additional litter bins to support local tourism (Total cost £1,1K). 

6) MINUTES OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MEETING HELD ON 11th January 2021 if available and agreed, to be both be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record.



a) Traffic Speed / Volume Survey. Deferred until spring 2021. Agree dates in Feb 2021. Submit Passive Traffic Management Grant application for £500 to District Cllr once requirements identified and approved by all agencies and grant availability advised.
b) Monument relocation to Strete Gate– Pending update from DCC. 
c) Plastic recycling scheme – Pending update on changes to spring 2021 parish recycling arrangements.
d) Village Map – Agreed to delay the reprint until spring 2021. Review artwork /stock levels at the Feb 2021 meeting.
e) £750 All-stars Cricket club grant – Agree to hold as ring-fenced reserves until bank account is open. Target date 31 March 2021.
f) Notice Boards – Review situation if more are required given volume of official communications.
g) FSC plant/wildlife mowing support meeting – Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions.
h) Village BT K6 Phone box – Photo’s re-submitted on 22-10-20 of paint condition to BT who have advised to resubmit in Nov 2021 as the current condition does not qualify.
i) Slapton Line Magazine – Chairs next editorial copy deadline tbc. 


4094/20/HHO – Thorn, Slapton. TQ7 2RD
Proposal: Householder application for new extension with new external door formed from window and associated landscaping.

4095/20/LBC - Thorn, Slapton. TQ7 2RD
Proposal: Listed building consent for new extension with new external door formed from window and associated landscaping.

4177/20/AGR – Land East of Merrifield Slapton TQ6 0LN
Proposal: Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural storage building for machinery and fodder.

1817/20/FUL – Slapton Village Community Shop, Wood Lane, Slapton TQ7 2QX
Proposal: READVERTISEMENT (Amended development description) Retrospective application for the retention of community shop including rear extension to provide essential storage.

0069/21/ARC - Door Mouse Cottage, Hansel, Slapton. TQ6 OLN
Proposal: Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 and 4 of planning application 3623/20/LBC. 

0125/21/TCA – Sloutts Farm, Slapton. TQ7 2PR
Proposal: T79: Silver Birch - Fell due to lean towards highway and car park. T80: Oak- Crown height reduction by 1m. T81: Oak - Crown height reduction by 1m. T82: Oak - Crown height reduction by 1.5m. T83: Liquid Amber - Crown height reduction by 2m.

Decisions (for information only, see SHDC website for more information)@
3622/20/HHO – Door Mouse Cottage, Hansel, Slapton. TQ6 OLN
Proposal: Householder application to erect a lean-to porch over door leading onto garden and incorporating existing garden gate
Decision: Conditional Approval.

3623/20/LBC – Door Mouse Cottage, Hansel, Slapton. TQ6 OLN
Proposal: Listed building consent to erect a lean-to porch over door leading onto garden and incorporating existing garden gate
Decision: Conditional Approval.

4177/20/AGR - Land East of Merrifield Slapton TQ6 0LN
Proposal: Application for prior notification of proposed agriucultural storage building for machinery and fodder.
Decision: Prior Approval Details required. 


a. Finalise and approve the PC working groups brief following the Extraordinary Meeting 11-2-20.
b. Agree Cllr and Clerk training requirements against DALC 2021 training programme.
c. Discuss the structure of the Climate Change Committee and in consideration of the outputs from the 18th Jan Charity Meeting (Chair to lead).
d. Parish Councils position on the Beach Car Park (All).
e. Update on the condition of the fence posts around the Playing field/ next steps (Cllr K Widger).
f. Parishioner complaint re hedge debris on the road outside of Poole Barns. (Cllr J McPetrie).
g. DCC/ Western Power update on the electric Cable overhanding the road on Marsh Lane.(Cllr I Mitchelmore).
h. Update on 2021 for 2021 foodbank campaign. (Cllr S Sullock). Consider PC support (PC).
i. Cllrs Job Vacancy – Agree Interview process and key dates (All)
j. Damaged capping on the Leet in Carr Lane – Agree to add repairs to matters in abeyance for late spring.
k. Agree February Road Warden Brief.
l. 2021 Mowing contract renewal due in March. Agree 2021 brief with consideration for bio-diversity and need to enable social distancing for public safety.
m. DALC Remote Meeting Guidance from May 7th Onwards – Discuss and Agree the PC’s position and action plan to address proposed changes in the law.

a) To propose to approve a quote for £201.50 to provide PPE kit to the road warden to work safely on the roads. 

To discuss:
Clerks annual leave request.
For information:

  • The Cllrs safeguarding training date is now confirmed as Monday 8th March 2021 7pm-8pm.
  • DCC temporary traffic order 4-7th May 2021, Closure of Sands Road. Public notices diarised to post 20-4-20. Chair to diarise to include in April Slapton Lines edition. 
  • 14 CSG Facebook and 10 PC website posts drafted have been scheduled and posted across the month to relay Government covid-19 related updates to the community.
  • PC Governance:  Extraordinary meeting attendance 11/3/20/ minutes and supporting Governance documents drafted for review Feb Agenda; Planning Applications Governance Log set up; Parishioner Communications Governance log.
  • Cllr Job Vacancy – Overview information forwarded to interested parishioners. 
  • Village Charity Meeting attendance 18-1-21.
  • Submission of coronavirus content for Slapton Lines Feb edition to support DCC Covid-19 prompt action fund grant terms. 
  • Coronavirus website page updated with copy relevant to 2021. Thanks to Sue Gorman for supporting.
  • Public health – GVT/NHS Posters - Preparation of NHS/GVT Lockdown posters. 
  • Attendance at Slapton Lines Virtual Partnership meeting 25/1/21 (deputised for the Chairs seat).
  • Maintenance reporting: Liaison with Road Warden – Jan road warden work brief / Mowing and maintenance contract renewal, risk assessment and public liability Insurance certificate for 2021
  • Correspondence has been sent to 5 parishioners to assist with their enquiries. • 3 grants applied for – refer 13.4 (e) (f)(g) below. 


  • Slapton Lines Partnership Meeting 25th Jan 2020 – Update from Chair and Vice Chair relating to parish matters.



a) The Council to approve the below payments: 

  • 242/20 (S/O) £256.00 L. Soothill-Ward, Clerks salary – Jan 21 (Paid 1/1/21 for noting). 
  • 243/20 £286.24 Clerks Overtime 19.18hrs and monthly expenses (Jan 2021) Refer analysis sheet x 6 plastic scoops for the grit bins. Printer ink (50%) allocation, working from home allowance. 
  • 241/20 £12.34 VC Warehouse - 9th payment - C-19 CSG tel help line monthly connection cost. (Paid 15/1/21 by DD. Invoice 1008336 for noting). 
  • 244 /20 £259.00 Nick Mathias - Road Warden Work - 21/22 Jan / 14 hrs + £10 materials. Invoice 1254/21 dated 24/20.
  1.  Balance at Bank 25/1/2021, £17,300.57 
  2.  Precept Demand Submitted to SHDC 8-1-21.
  3.  2021 P3 Grant request deadline 12th Feb 2021. Liaising with Evolve for path inspection reporting.
  4.  The following grants have been applied for on below dates and are pending reply:
    1.  DCC Highways Maintenance Enhancement Fund - £1278.08 (Materials, Hire and Labour element expecting 50%), Footpath patching on 26/11/20. 
    2.  SHDC Localities fund; Matched funding grant £788.00, large multi-purpose bin upgrades Applied for 17/11/20 to Cllr R Foss. 
    3. DCC Highways Maintenance Enhancement Fund - £259.00 (Labour), Road Warden work 8th and 9th Dec. Applied for 11/12/20 – Expecting 50%. 
    4. SHDC Localities Grant - £500/ 50% PC match funding for Evolve charity website. Applied for 10/12/20 to Cllr R Foss. 
    5. DCC Highways Maintenance Enhancement Fund - £809.42 (50% refund of Labour costs for mowing, sign cleaning, Buddle Hole clearing, repairs. Applied for 18/1/21.
    6. DCC Highways Maintenance Enhancement Fund - £201.59 (PPE Road Safety kit (6 x Cones, 2 x Men at work signs, 1x Punner). Applied for 18/1/21. 
    7. DCC Highways Maintenance Enhancement Fund - £2017.50 (50% refund of Labour costs, materials and kit hire for Beach Path repair Applied for 20/1/21. 

Next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 1st March 2021 at 7.00pm by Zoom Video Conference due to Government social distancing restrictions. 

Signed: Louise Soothill-Ward, Clerk 25/1/21 

All meeting agenda’s, supporting documents and minutes can be viewed at

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