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Minutes will be available once they have been approved by the following Council meeting, one month later. Please visit the Meetings page to view the agenda for the next meeting.

Minutes December 2020

Present: J Hinder (Chair), J McPetrie (V. Chairman), Cllr C Staines, Cllr S Sullock, Cllr I Mitchelmore, Cllr D Murphy, Cllr V Mercer, Cllr G Wollacott.

In attendance: Cllr J Brazil, 2 parishioners.

243-20. Apologies for absence – Cllr K Widger.

244-20. Declarations of interest – None.

245-20. Public comment –

a) A presentation was made by two parishioners from the Evolve village charity and Slapton Community Support Group (CSG), who reported the following:

b) CSG Update: The deadline for submissions to the Village Archive project has been extended to 11th December due to the impact of the November lockdown. 50 entries have been submitted and the first sample prints are planned for January 2021 (subject to printer availability) and the first public showing planned for Spring 2021 to coincide with the first bloom of the daffodil planting project (refer below). It is hoped that monies can be raised for the Charity and to promote the village and in doing so to also support local businesses through day visitors.

c) Charity Update: The Charity Trustees are now progressing the formal set up of the charity with the Charities Commission and in parallel are also starting work on the first projects as below:

  • Indigenous daffodil bulb planting – Over 2000 bulbs have now been planted by volunteers at 19 sites across the parish which will symbolise ‘Renewal and Regrowth’ in spring 2021, the anniversary of the first pandemic lockdown. Positive feedback has already been received from parishioners and the final bulbs (approximately 1000) are due to be planted this month. The bulbs have been funded by proceeds from the villages NHS plant stall on Church lane and the charity plan to extend the scheme next year. The locations of the sites have been provided to the Road Warden to help manage the mowing programme.
  • DCC Parish Pathways Scheme (P3) – 11 Paths have now been walked and surveyed and a report is being sent to DCC to state the current condition and place a request for 2021 grant support for the major repairs. The FSC have also been contacted and have provided an update on the pathway repairs due to take place on the land around the Ley.
  • Electric Vehicle on street charge point research is being progressed with households that do not have access to off-street parking.
  • Traffic calming – The charity advised they had secured access to a police speed camera and asked the Council for permission to trial this on key routes into and out of the village in the lead up to Christmas and ahead of the formal speed eye study scheduled for March to check for the best installation locations. (No data or car registration numbers will be collected). The PC confirmed their approval.
  • Parish communications census – A parish survey is planned to ascertain how parishioners would prefer to be contacted by the Charity and PC to find out the latest news and be informed of projects.
  • Grant request – A business case was presented for a start-up grant from the PC to help with the build of a new Evolve Charity Website. Cllr J Brazill advised the charity that they may also wish to apply for matched funding from SHDC localities grant scheme. (Clerk to support the application to Cllr R Foss).

(The Evolve Charities presentation slides are available to view on the PC meeting website under December meeting agenda).

The Chair thanked both parishioners for their presentation in addition to thanking all the other Trustees and volunteers who were involved in the projects for their time, skill and work contributions for the benefit of the parish. This is appreciated by the Council.

246-20. Police Councillor Advocate Scheme Update

  • Police updates have been issued weekly to all Cllrs via the Clerk. 
  • If any members of the public have a non-urgent matter they wish to bring to the attention of their Local Policing Team, this can be reported via the Devon and Cornwall Police web-page - https://www.devon-cornwall.pol... / Find your local policing team.

247-20. County & District Councillor reports

Devon County Council (DCC) report from Cllr J Brazil:

a) Relocation of the War Memorial – Still no update from the Slapton Lines Partnership and agreed to follow up with SLP.
b) Saltstone Single Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr J Brazil thanked everyone who had been involved in the distribution of the survey to the parish. Feedback was already being received and parishioners are encouraged to share their views up to the 31st December. Cllr J Brazil will reply to parishioners whose feedback requires further comment and the results will be reported in the New Year. The final decision will be made by a parish referendum at a future date.
c) DCC are the main governing body managing the pandemic and are closely monitoring cases across the County.
d) A planned road closure is scheduled on the A379 in Stokenham to repair a wall. This will take place from 11th January to 19th February 2021. Cllr J Brazil to forward details to clerk to publish on PC website/notice boards and CSG FB Page.
e) Another road closure is scheduled in mid-March on Coleridge Lane in Chillington to install a large drain to protect properties from flooding. Cllr J Brazil is trying to link this to additional works to connect water to a property to prevent the need for a 3rd road closure. Cllr G Wollacott asked if exact dates could be provided and details of diversion routes for ambulances. Cllr J Brazil to forward. Clerk to publish on above PC comms channels.

Other matters raised by the Council.

  • The Chair asked if the taped and coned area on the side of the road just above Deer Bridge near the entrance to the Ley could be repaired urgently as there was a big drop created by a collapsed tree and wall and this was hazardous to drivers and pedestrians, especially in winter. Cllr J Brazil to contact DCC Highways to ascertain a date for the repair.
  • Cllr V Mercer asked for a status report on the planning application for the development of the reservoir. Clerk to forward planning reference to Cllr J Brazil.
  • The clerk asked if there was an update on the planned SHDC report to manage tourism in 2021 that is due for consultation by all neighbouring parishes. Cllr J Brazil to ask Cllr R Foss to update the Chair.

District report from Cllr R. Foss: None

248-20. Minutes of the meeting held on 9th November 2020. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that the Minutes be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record.

249-20. Matters in abeyance

a)Village flooding issues - Ongoing monitoring of drain cleaning arrangements in place to manage. It was agreed to close this item now that annual commercial and monthly road warden cleaning was in place. Clerk to remove.
b) Traffic Speed / Volume Survey.
Deferred until spring 2021. Agree dates in Feb 2021. Submit Passive Traffic Management Grant application for £500 to District Cllr once requirements identified and approved by all agencies and grant availability advised.
c) Monument relocation to Strete Gate
– Pending update from DCC.
d) Plastic recycling schem
e – Pending update on changes to spring 2021 parish recycling arrangements.
e) Village Map
– Agreed to delay the reprint until spring 2021. Review artwork /stock levels at the Feb 2021 meeting.
f) Safeguarding Training by Ben Leach
– Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions before proceeding. The PC requested that this training be held by Zoom if possible. Clerk to contact the trainer and move to matters for discussion.
g) £750 All-stars Cricket club grant – Agree to hold as ring-fenced reserves until bank account is open. Target date 31 March 2021.
h) Notice Boards – Review situation if more are required given volume of official communications.
i) FSC plant/wildlife mowing support meeting
– Pending lifting of lockdown/social distancing restrictions.
j) Village BT K6 Phone box
– Photo’s re-submitted on 22-10-20 of paint condition to BT who have advised to resubmit in Nov 2021 as the current condition does not qualify.
k) Slapton Line Magazine
– Chairs next editorial copy deadline. Confirm at the January meeting.

    250-20. Planning

    3480/20/FUL – Pollardscombe Farm, Slapton TQ7 2QG
    Proposal: Proposed roof over existing dung store.
    No comment if this address. Clerk to ask planners to confirm the address.

    3481/20/FUL – Pollardscombe Farm, Slaton TQ7 2QG
    Proposal: Proposed roof over existing disused silage clamp.
    No comment if this address. Clerk to ask planners to confirm the address.

    3623/20/HHO – Door Mouse Cottage, Hansel, Slapton. TQ6 OLN
    Proposal: Householder application to erect a lean-to porch over door leading onto garden and incorporating existing garden gate.
    No Objection

    3623/20/LBC – Door Mouse Cottage, Hansel, Slapton. TQ6 OLN
    Proposal: Listed building consent to erect a lean-to porch over door leading onto garden and incorporating existing garden gate.
    No Objection.

    Decisions (for information only, see SHDC website for more information)

    3059/20/TCA – Larksmead, Slapton, TQ7 2PY
    Proposal: T1 & T2: Silver Fir - Fell due to proximity to road and neighbouring properties.
    Decision: Tree Works No Objection Raised

    2057/20/HHO - Watergate Cottage Start Slapton TQ7 2QD
    Proposal: Householder application for proposed garden room
    Decision: Conditional approval

    251-20. Matters for discussion

    a) Mobile Speed Camera Trial – The PC approved to proceed with the loan of the police mobile speed indicator device from Devon and Cornwall Police. Clerk to request that the Charity undertake a risk assessment as per the police briefing at the Sept site meeting. Charity to confirm schedule of dates to the PC.

    b) Review of matters in abeyance: Safeguarding training / Flood Monitoring - Refer decisions items 249.20 (a) and (f) above.

    c) Parishioner request for new blue advisory ‘narrow lane’ signage at both ends of the narrow lane next to Sloutts Farm. The Council agreed to ask DCC Highways for advice on installing blue advisory narrow road width signs at each end to help deter the use of the road by delivery drivers. Clerk to brief DCC highways and reply to parishioner’s letter.

    d) Winter Mowing requirements – Verges and Playing field. The PC agreed to delay the mowing until the spring to help support invertebrates over winter. Cllr J McPetrie raised that the spring cut would need to take into account the daffodil blume and die back. The Chair advised that the Road Warden could strim the verges during this time to avoid damaging the planting and enabling social distancing on the paths.

    e) Pavement repairs – The additional works, materials and costs were approved by the PC. (see matters for resolution below) Positive feedback had been received from parishioners on the repairs and the PC thanked the Road Warden for organising and delivering a good result.

    f) 2021/22 revised budget /Precept plan including Charity and CSG Grant applications from 2020/21. The revised budget was reviewed and agree unanimously for resolution. Clerk to add to matters for resolution next meeting.

    g) Council workloads – The Council agreed to convene an Extraordinary Council Zoom meeting on 11th January 2021 to discuss managing workloads via new work streams. Clerk to send invite and briefing documents.

    252-20 Proposals for resolution

    a) It was proposed and resolved to approve the Pathway patching invoice from the original quote of £824.08 to £1278.08 as discussed in 9e above to repair the path from the Park and walk to South grounds and South grounds to Bus Stop. This money will then be applied for under the Road Warden scheme / DCC Highways Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund as eligible and advised by Cllr J Brazil. Clerk to submit grant application to DCC HMCEF.

    253-20. Clerk’s report

    To discuss:

    • DALC reply to contract addendum to village playing field development – C/Forward to January 2021.

    For information only:

    •  8 CSG Facebook and 15 PC website posts made across the month.
    • P3 scheme – Signed contracts posted 16-11-20. Grant has been increased to £180 due to an additional 2 paths added. Licence and online portal set up with Ordnance Survey to access free Parish path maps for Evolve volunteers.
    • Saltstone Neighbourhood Plan community Survey letter and survey drop undertaken over the weekend of 29th and 29th November. Reply deadline 31 December. Collection box set up at the village shop. Covering note to parishioners drafted, liaison with Cllrs and Evolve Charity re parish-wide distribution.
    • Clerks Annual appraisal held with the Chair 25/11/20
    • Zoom meeting held with Chair and Strete PC Cllrs 11/11
    • Liaison with Road Warden/DCC re footpath repairs and materials quotes
    • Correspondence has been sent to 2 parishioners to assist with their enquiries.
    • DCC / Energy Saving Trust (EST) Electric Vehicle Charging Points rural locations rollout scheme. Zoom meeting with Alastair Mumford DCC 11/11/20. Follow up notes, awaiting next meeting date.
    • Zoom meeting with Chair/CSG/ FSC 11/11/20 re EV point locations
    • X 5 Grants applied for – refer section 13.

    254-20. Chair’s report

    • Slapton Lines Partnership – Advised that the Chair was now on the circulation list and was awaiting the dates of the next meeting. From the May minutes reported that the recruitment of the new Adaptation Plan Manager was still pending. Version 4 of the Adaptation Plan has been sent by the Chair to the Cllrs as an update on the latest position.
    • Had attended a meeting with 2 Cllrs from Strete PC to discuss and share ideas on managing local issues.
    • Progressing the set-up of an official village All Stars youth club and bank account with 2 other trustees and the constitution was being drafted.
    • Playing field development – On hold until the New Year.
    • On behalf of all the Council thanked Cllr V Mercer for all her help, support, guidance and contribution to the community over the years and wished her a happy retirement.

    255-20. Councillors’ reports

    • Cllr I Mitchelmore – None.
    • Cllr S Sullock – None.
    • Cllr C Staines – Reported that all the PC’s posters were up-to-date and in good condition.
    • Cllr J McPetrie – Raised the issue of the beach car park and would like the Council to discuss and agree there position on this ahead of the consultation paper. Clerk to add to matters for discussion next meeting.
    • Cllr V Mercer – Thanked the Council for its support over her time in office and wished the Council all the best for the future.
    • Cllr G Murphy – Thanked Val for all her service, support and expertise over the years.
    • Cllr G Wollacott – Reported that the replacement Defibrillator pads and First Aid training Chocking Vest has arrived. A demo was given and the Cricket Club thanks for its kind grant donation.

    256-20. Financial matters

    The below payments were approved by the Council:

    • S/O £256.00 L. Soothill-Ward, Clerks salary – Nov 20 (Paid 1/12/20 for noting).
    • 228/20 £245.94 Clerks Overtime and monthly expenses (Nov 2020).
    • 229/20 £12.23 VC Warehouse - 8th payment - C-19 CSG tel help line monthly connection cost. Paid 15/11/20 by DD. Invoice 1008065 for noting.
    • 226/20 £245.00 Nick Mathias -Final end of season Nov. Village mowing 2/3 Nov. Invoice no. 1233/21 dated 4/11/21 (Paid 10/11/20 for noting).
    • 227/20 £100.00 Nick Mathias - Winter Buddle Hole Clearance. Invoice 1235/22 dated 6/11/20. (Paid 10/11/20 for noting).
    • 230/20 £123.80 SLCC - Arnold Baker on local councils Administration 12th edition. £30 discount via membership code. Inv no:ORD507391 dated 9/11/20. (Paid 10/11 for noting Dec agenda).
    • 231/20 £206.94 SP Services. Invoice 125002 12/11/20. Cricket club grant ring-fenced reserves donation to pay for Defib training kit replacement pads and anti -choking training vest. (Paid 16/11 for noting Dec agenda).
    • 232/20 £1380.00 Brookings Hire - Bi-Annual Road sweep, drain clean, FSC gully flush 11th Nov 2020 PLUS FSC gully pipe/ Field silt clearance 6th Nov 2020. Invoice 20290 dated 14/11. Approved min ref 237-20 (a)+(b). (Paid 16/11 for noting Dec agenda).
    • 233/20 £1278.08 Nick Mathias - Pavement patching. Materials and Kit Hire. Invoice 1239/21 26/11/20. (DCC HMCEFG grant application).
    • 234/20 £48.00 Nick Walker – Saltstone Single Neighbourhood Plan Parishioner letter print costs. Invoice 86785 26-11-20
    • 235/20 £75.00 Nick Mathias - Playing field mowing 30-11-20. Invoice 1243/21, 30/11/20.

    a) Balance at Bank 2/12/2020, £19,416.53
    b) 2021-22 budget revisions submitted to Council for discussion/approval.
    c) The following grants have been applied for on below dates:

    • Western Power Distribution Festive food bank Fund for Kingsbridge Foodbank, £1500 refer on 14/11/20. Notice received not granted 30-11-20.
    • DCC Covid-19 re-opened community grant scheme - £550 on 15/11/20. Received 24/11/20.
    • DCC Highways Maintenance Enhancement Fund - £1278.08, Footpath patching on 26/11/20.
    • SHDC Localities fund; Matched funding grant £788.00, large multi-purpose bin upgrades 17/11/20.
    • P3 Scheme grant 2020-21, £180.00. 30/11/20.

    257-20. Date of next PC meeting – Monday 4th January 2020 at 7.00pm by Zoom conference call.

    SIGNED Chair: .........................................

    All meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed at

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